Debord House

Debord House is a 330m2 house with 4 bedrooms, two of them are Masters Bedrooms with their own bathroom. It is a house that was designed according to the needs of the client in terms of area and quantity of spaces.

In terms of the design the architecture tries to connect with the context of the dry tropical climate of Guanacaste, where in summer it is a very dry and arid area and in winter totally tropical. The idea is a use of living natural materials that allows the house with its dry and rocky context to mitigate itself and can in a way imitate that aridity with simple lines and clean geometry. A solid scale allows it to be accentuated in context, with a design that understands its dryness. It is complemented by native landscaping of the area, enriching its architecture with monumentally sculptural species such as agaves, cactus, plumeria trees, among others. Its solid scale and openness inside make the house very comfortable and adequately mitigate the high temperatures of the seasons. ONTEMPUS offers a sustainable construction system that starts from its design.